Judit Bayer

Schumann Fellow 2020 - 2021

Associate Professor of
Media Law and International Law,
Budapest Business School




Dr. Judit Bayer, habil., is associate professor of media law and international law at the Budapest Business School, Hungary, and a Schumann Fellow at the University of Münster. Her research interest is in human rights, freedom of expression, media freedom and pluralism, and privacy. She has a PhD in constitutional law (internet regulation) and habilitation in constitutional law (data protection).

Judit Bayer has authored several books and articles in the field of freedom of expression and the media, in particular on the liability of internet service providers, of social media platforms, freedom of expression on the internet, public service broadcasting, and human rights. She has authored numerous articles and has presented papers in international conferences. She has participated in impactful research projects, among others on media pluralism within the European Union in 2016, on disinformation and propaganda and its impact on human rights and democracies in 2018, on hate speech and hate crime in the European Union and its online content regulation approaches, and others – related to freedom of expression – are in progress.

During her Schumman Fellowship, Judit Bayer stays in Münster for the winter term 2020/2021 and organises an international online workshop-serie on the regulatory issues of hate speech in the social media platform environment.

You may contact Judit Bayer via email: bayerj@uni-muenster.de