Joseba K. Fernández Gaztea

Schumann Fellow 2019 & 2021

Assistant Professor of Administrative and EU Law,
Universidad de Navarra





Dr. Joseba K. Fernández Gaztea, MSFS (Georgetown University), is assistant professor of administrative law and EU law at Universidad de Navarra, Spain. From practicing international business law first, he shifted to studying public law. He started his academic career at Georgetown University and graduated from his doctoral studies with a Ph.D. in public law from the University of Navarra. Since the beginning, the theorization of EU public power exercise drives his long-term research interest. First stop, the lowest level: cooperation between EU and national authorities in administrative procedures: a central nerve of the EU shared management machinery.

Using as an anchor the issue of the legal protection of citizens, this researcher analyzed in detail this piece of the EU scheme. A monograph in the publishing house Tirant lo Blanch (2020), an article in REALaw (12, 9-37), and a chapter on transnational legal relationships (Aranzadi) are part of the outcome. With the support of the Schumman Stiftung, he intends to face the problematic from a more abstract approach; his goal is to suggest a renewed conceptualization of EU administrative power. The result shall be not just for the solace of scholars. On the contrary, it should provide courts with a freshened reasoning applicable to matters in which cooperative power is involved. Citizens shall be the beneficiaries of this research, for it will ultimately improve their legal protection.

During his research stay in Münster, Joseba K. Fernández Gaztea also worked on the article "Concept and Functions of Legal Topics in Public Law", (2020) Revista de Derecho Público: Teoría y Método, 51 - 72.

You may find a list of selected publications here.

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