Welcome to the Homepage of the Centre for European Private Law!

The Centre for European Private Law (CEP) was founded on 5 December 1997 as a Research Centre consisting of professors for civil law at the University of Münster. Over past years the CEP has developed a considerable library of works on European Private Law and Economic Law.

Numerous seminars, lectures and symposia have taken place that have discussed the current questions within European Private Law. Such events have used, for example, comparative law or historical perspectives or approaches concerning the approximation of laws, as a basis for discussion.

The CEP’s main objectives concern research into the foundations of European Private Law as well as expanding upon the courses available to students on this subject. As a means of achieving these objectives, the CEP offers a forum for discussion to academics and practitioners from across Europe.

The offer consists of seminars, lectures and symposia and is primarily directed towards those academics, law students, judges, lawyers and civil servants, who are concerned with issues in European Private Law.