Rules for written examinations

You are only permitted to take written examinations for which you have officially registered in advance. Please note the registration deadlines!

Bring your student ID card and photo identification to the examination. If you are unable to confirm your identity, you will not be allowed to sit the examination.

You may only write on examination paper provided by the Faculty of Law and handed out at the beginning of the examination. Anything written on any other paper will be disregarded. Furthermore, you may not write on the reverse side of pages. You must number the pages and write your student ID number (Matrikelnummer) on each page (and in the case of intermediate (Zwischenprüfung) examinations, also your full name). This rule applies to all candidates, including those from other degree programmes.

Do not use pencil or fountain pen as this can cause problems when the exams are digitally scanned.

You may only use uncommented statutory texts during your examination. Permissible texts may not contain any annotations or statutory references whatsoever, nor underlining or highlighting of any kind. Candidates who use or are found to be in possession of aids other than those allowed by the invigilator are in violation of the examination regulations (§ 13 PrüfO). In such cases, the invigilator has the right to declare the examination “failed” (ungenügend, 0 pts).

Candidates are not permitted to take mobile phones, smartphones, iPads, smart watches or any other electronic devices into the examination. If a smartphone (or similar device) is found at the place assigned to you in the examination room, the infraction will be regarded as attempted cheating. Please also refrain from taking bags and coats with you into the examination room. If you do take your bag or coat into the examination room, you will be asked to deposit it at a central location until the end of the examination.

The invigilator is instructed to seize any non-permissible aids and prohibit candidates from continuing their examination if they behave improperly and thus create such disturbance that it negatively affects other examinees.

Examinations are only graded if they include the cover sheet which is handed out at the start of the examination. Candidates from other degree programmes must provide their own cover sheet bearing their name, student ID number and degree programme.

For examinations in the specialisation (Schwerpunkt) phase, your identity is only designated by your student ID number. Therefore, ensure that your student ID number corresponds to the number printed on your examination cover sheet. You may not sign nor identify yourself by name in specialisation examinations!

Intermediate examinations are not anonymised. This means that you should sign the examination and write your name on each page.

Please do not bind the pages of the examination with staples or paper clips. Rather, insert them into the provided DIN C4 envelope with address window. Only unbound examinations can be properly scanned and processed by the Examinations Office.

The Examinations Office may allow handicapped students more time to complete their examinations upon request (§ 6 Abs. 1 PrüfO). If you are granted such an extension, make sure to contact the examiner’s institute prior to the examination date. In most cases, you will be assigned a separate room to complete your examination.