This module will introduce you into English company law. The module deals with private limited companies (Ltd.) and public limited companies (Plc). The module will first address the foundations of the corporate structure (e.g. different types of business organisation, the registration process, the corporate personality, piercing the corporate veil, criminal and tortious liability of companies). It will then focus on the constitution of the company (i.e. the articles of association), the division of power in companies, corporate theory and the background to the corporate governance debate in English company law. Corporate governance has been met with huge interest in recent years, particularly in light of the global economic and financial crisis. Following the introduction into the debate about corporate governance in English law, the module will look at company directors: Their appointment and the termination of their office as well as the various directors’ duties which are now codified in the Companies Act 2006. The focus will then shift from the directors to the members of the company, i.e. the shareholders. The lectures will discuss membership, shares, corporate meetings and shareholders’ remedies. Finally, the module will address corporate takeovers and reconstruction. The module will conclude by addressing the topical issue of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).