Social media platforms have become the dominant vehicles of public communication, competing with traditional forms of mass media. While the legacy media system consisted of layers of control which filtered inappropriate expressions, social media is a decentralised, uninhibited, directly accessible communication tool. Transparency of the algorithms which govern the content is on the table, and the exact duties and responsibilities of content management by these platform companies is widely discussed by academia, stakeholders and policy makers.

The workshop series posts basic questions: who can/should/must write the rules for communication in the digital era: the tech companies, the state or the society? What are the legal and technological instruments to tackle the threats of digital platforms? What are the legal limitations related to the conflicting human rights? And what are the technological limits and possibilities: what do algorithms promise?

More information and the Zoom-Link can be found on the website.


15:15   Europe                       Elda Brogi, Konrad Simon

15.55   South Africa              Jacob Mchangama

16.15   Closing Remarks      Judit Bayer

16.35-17.00    Discussion    



Datum: 14.6.2021

Zeit: 15.15-17.00 Uhr

Ort: online via zoom